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Tabar means quality and performance in hand wear and accessories – fueled by a passion for the outdoors. Being avid athletes and outdoor enthusiasts - we know that if your gloves let you down, compromised performance and dexterity can lead to a loss of brand confidence. From concept development to state-of-the-art manufacturing, our turnkey service package offers you customizable brand solutions. We ground our innovative designs in technology and hands on research allowing your gloves to perform better and take you farther. 



Exploration drives innovation and fuels performance. Advances in outerwear let us go farther, climb higher, and experience more. Breakthrough technologies drive our industry at a rapid pace. Tabar's resources help you stay ahead of the competition. Our experienced development teams are dedicated to the best product solutions for your brand, sourcing the latest technologies, surveying today's top athletes and studying the market forces that drive demand.

Field Testing

The work we do outside the office is just as important as the work we do at our desks. To ensure your custom gloves are the best in their category we test prototypes on the bike, in the cold, on the rock, clutching the throttle, in the snow or where ever they need to take you.


Trend & technology research keep us well informed of current market conditions. We organize our findings into easily interpreted presentations using visuals and data. With this information we are well prepared to create innovative, well positioned designs.


Our teams are always on the look out for the latest technologies in performance and construction techniques. We support our clients and factory partners by investing in the necessary equipment and training to be first to market with the latest innovations.

Material Sourcing

To guarantee high quality, we partner with trusted material vendors such as Pittards, Schoeller, Polartec and Primaloft. In addition, we source and purchase materials from far and wide to stay on top of new developments in the textile industry while investing in any equipment necessary to incorporate them.


We consider innovations in sustainability parallel to performance. We are always conscientious to incorporate eco sensitive materials and look for ways to reduce our footprint in manufacturing and shipping.