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Tabar means quality and performance in hand wear and accessories – fueled by a passion for the outdoors. Being avid athletes and outdoor enthusiasts - we know that if your gloves let you down, compromised performance and dexterity can lead to a loss of brand confidence. From concept development to state-of-the-art manufacturing, our turnkey service package offers you customizable brand solutions. We ground our innovative designs in technology and hands on research allowing your gloves to perform better and take you farther. 

Best places to Rock Climb in Mexico


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Best places to Rock Climb in Mexico

Brian Adamkoski

You can climb in Mexico all year round but during summer the heat can be extreme. It is also the rainy season but you can still climb in the shaded walls and caves. In other words, if your holidays are in summer you can even climb but much more limited. Winter is definitely the best time and the chances are 100%. The driest season is from November to April-May.

Mexico has more than 300 climbing areas! 


The states of Baja California Norte, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and San Luis Potosi offer the best climbing areas in the north. The quantity of rock is huge and the quality of it is exceptional.  In this part of the territory there are the most impressive walls, top quality sport crags and some of the best boudering areas such as Peñoles in Chihuahua. Which is considered one of the top bouldering destinations in the world


The Neovolcanic Axe crosses through this central part of the Mexican territory so most climbing areas have volcanic rock, either basalt, rhyolite or tuff. There are huge significant volcanoes such as the Pico Orizaba , Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. In this central area is where there is the largest concentration of climbing areas across the country, especially sport crags. The amount of rock is high as the number of climbers who have developed many crags especially near the cities of Mexico City, Puebla, Pachuca and Guadalajara. 


In Guerrero there is one of the world’s top sport climbing crag destinations. It is an outstanding and impressive huge cave full of giant and spectacular stalactites. This place is called Chontacoatlan. Most of the routes here are absolutely world class. Oaxaca also has super sport crags near the city and there is even an elegant reddish limestone wall that houses top quality multi-pitch bolted routes up to 150 meters long called Peña Colorada. Veracruz also has a quirky limestone sport crag called Cerro Brujo. 

Staying Connected

Keeping connected to your GPS and cell phone are important during your climb, especially in colder weather situations. UR Powered has developed US patented touch screen gloves that help you stay connected to your devices without having to take off your gloves.  We use this glove innovation in most of the product we make.